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16 November 2010 @ 12:09 pm
[Harvest Moon] The Gilligan Files: Chapter 5  
Title: Idiot Fathers
Fandom: Harvest Moon (Animal Parade)
Rating: K
Characters/Pairings: Gill/Molly, Julius/Candace, Emma, Angie, brief Chase cameo
Summary: Because even an evil commander can have a mild mannered alter-ego. A collection of one-shots focusing around Gill and his family.
Author's Notes: This chapter was MEANT to be reserved for something else entirely but a reader suggested that "Gill and Julius fight over [whose daughter] knows better, who is cooler and all" and for some reason I was able to pump out this baby in one afternoon/evening. That's the fastest I've written anything in a long time. I'm still not entirely sure I like how this turned out (and how little "screentime" Gill ended up getting in it hurr) but oh well.

"Um…lovely weather we're having."

Molly had to bite back the urge to burst out laughing as Candace nervously glanced back towards her home where both their husbands were arguing. "Y-You're right," she nearly giggled. "It always feels so nice the first clear day after the rain, especially in the spring."

Candace nodded, smiling a little as she finally turned her attention from the spectacle occurring in her front yard to the road leading to Marimba Farm in front of them. "I agree. I'm sure your animals are enjoying it too, right?" she added, causing Molly to giggle and nod in response. There was a small pause after that and Candace seemed to have to force herself not to look back again. "Do you…think they'll notice?" she asked softly instead, sounding a bit worried.

"Not one bit!" Molly replied cheerfully with a wide smile, rubbing her stomach contently as they slowly walked down the road.

Candace couldn't help but giggle at her friend's almost instantaneous reply and she finally relaxed. "I wonder if they'll still be there when we get back…" she commented idly, clasping her hands in front of her.

"Gill's pretty stubborn," Molly replied with an affectionate smile, turning her gaze to the dirt road that stretched on ahead. She paused for a few moments while Candace waited patiently for her to finish. "Though he knows how to recognize a pointless battle, he…well, this IS Emma we're talking about."

The other woman nodded knowingly in response. "Julius is normally not very confrontational…" aside from certain things both of them knew, "But he's so very protective of Angie." She sighed and smoothed a stray wrinkle from her dress. "But honestly…it's a little silly."

"I say just let them be silly," Molly replied with ease, her smile widening with amusement as they began to near towards Chase and Maya's house. "There's no harm in it."

Candace decided to let the subject go for the time being and instead looked down to her friend's stomach. It had been growing steadily for the past few months and she was due sometime within the next month. "How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Hm?" Molly looked at her curiously for a moment before her eyes widened in recognition. "Oh, just fine! The baby's a strong one, just like its sister. Emma would always wake me up in the middle of the night because she couldn't sit still…" she rubbed her stomach fondly and Candace smiled. She'd considered having another child too, but so far she and Julius had their hands full with just their four year old. Still, Angie was going to be five in a few months…

"Have you thought of any names?" she asked, forcing her mind away from the subject.

Molly gave a delicate shrug. "Gill's been putting a lot more thought into it than I have. There's a few that I like but he thinks they're too plain." She said the last word with somewhat of an annoyed frown. "He's been stuck in the French sections of the baby name books for the past few days so I'm waiting for his list." Candace laughed lightly at this and Molly sighed mournfully as she looked towards Chase and Maya's house as they passed. "Those two are lucky. They chose "Dakota" which can be for either a girl OR a boy. They won't have any problem once their baby is born."

"How is Emma taking it? She's not going to be the only girl in the house anymore."

"Well, we don't know the baby's gender yet but Emma is hoping for a little sister." she brightened up again. "Though even if it's a boy she says she's happy that she's going to be a big sister." With a sly grin, she then moved over a little to nudge Candace with her shoulder. "Like Auntie Candace, she said." Molly added, causing the other woman to blush.

"Mamaaaa!" Two voices called at them from a distance, causing both women to immediately drop their conversation and turn back towards the direction they came. In the distance they could see both Angie and Emma racing down the road, hand in hand, towards them. They waited for the children to catch up to them (both girls buried their faces in their mothers' dresses upon reaching them) and catch their breath before Candace knelt down to smooth out Angie's hair. Molly opted to simply brush Emma's windswept hair from her face and bend down slightly to plant a kiss on her forehead.

"What's the matter, you two?" she asked, looking between her daughter and Angie. "I thought you were playing dress up in Angie's room."

"We were but…" Emma trailed off before she glanced over at the other girl. Then, almost simultaneously, they frowned and puffed their cheeks out.

"Papa's being silly!"

"Papa's being dumb!"

Both women blinked and glanced at each other before returning their attention to their daughters. While Candace began to look worried again, Molly had to fight to keep the smile off her face. She wasn't doing so well, to say the least. "What do you mean, sweetie?" she asked.

Angie was the one who answered. "We wanted to show Papa and Uncle Gill our pretty dresses but then they started fighting!" Both women nodded at this; they had been there when the argument had started. However, the girls hadn't cared then and proceeded to retreat back to Angie's room to continue their dress up by themselves.

Emma chose to continue this time. "So me and Angie went to her room to play but then Papa came in talking about a festival and how Uncle Juli is…pious."

While Molly had no idea where Emma had learned the word "pious" (though she doubted her daughter even knew what it meant and was merely repeating it from somewhere) she did know what her husband probably DID say. "I think you mean "biased," Emma," she corrected gently, trying not to laugh. The young girl just nodded rapidly in response.

"That! But Uncle Juli just got mad and they started fighting again." She wilted and both girls looked like they were going to cry.

"Is Papa not going to let Emma come over anymore?" Angie asked in a small voice, clutching the front of her dress nervously.

Candace was quick to soothe her child. "Of course Emma can still come over! Your father was just being silly." With the last word she shot a look back at Molly that read harmless, huh? Molly just grinned nervously in response before engulfing Emma into a tight hug. Candace placed a gentle kiss on Angie's forehead before smiling warmly at her. "Do you and Emma want to help us pick out seeds? I think you're old enough to take care of your own small flower garden."

"Emma, you can help me plant some crops when we get home." Molly added, smoothing her hair back affectionately and biting back a chuckle when her ever-stubborn cowlick sprang right back up.

Both girls brightened. "Really?"

Emma, however, was quick to remember something and she tugged worriedly on her mother's hand. "But Mama, I thought Papa said you shouldn't work in the fields too much until the baby is born!"

Molly just laughed softly and squeezed her hand. "Don't worry, you'll be helping me! Besides, it's almost the end spring and turnips don't take that long to grow.

Emma chewed on this piece of information before she finally nodded and grinned in response. "Okay!"

Both Candace and Molly sighed in relief as their daughters proceeded to skip over to the entrance of the building and quickly disappear inside. Crisis averted. Candace couldn't help but giggle a little as she clasped her hands in front of her once more. "Well…I'm sure that those two will notice now, now that Angie and Emma are missing."

Molly shook her head and sighed again. "Those two…I hope they at least realize how ridiculous they're being over this whole thing."

"I thought you said it was fine to let them be silly?" Candace raised a slender eyebrow at her in inquiry.

She rolled her eyes. "It was fine until they upset our daughters. Gill better understand that or I swear…"

As if on cue, a call in the distance grabbed their attention and they turned. It was much like a repeat from before except it was their husbands running down the road and they stopped a few feet in front of them in order to catch their breaths. Unsurprisingly, Julius was the least worn out of the two. Though he dressed fashionably and detested getting his clothes dirty if he could help it, he was a jeweler after all and spent a good amount of time in the mines when Mira needed new material. Gill on the other hand…he was a bit more of an indoor person. While this had changed a bit since he had married her, Molly knew that he very much preferred to read either inside or on their porch rather than get dirty in the fields with her.

Still, she loved him all the same.

"A-Angie's gone!" Julius was the first to speak and to say he looked absolutely distressed was an understatement. "I-I don't know what happened, one minute she was there in the house and the next…!"

"Emma's disappeared too!" While on the surface Gill looked somewhat calmer, Molly knew him well enough to know he was just as, if not more, anxious than Julius was. "I took my eyes off of her for only a moment…!"

Both women, however, just stared at them blankly. "They're inside." Candace responded flatly, her attitude suddenly a far cry from her normally gentle disposition. "What in the world was that all about?"

The men merely cringed a little under their wives' hard stares. Molly crossed her arms over her belly and pursed her lips. "You know, both Angie and Emma were nearly in tears because you were fighting, right? They thought they wouldn't be able to see each other anymore," she said.

Their faces paled and Gill was the first to speak up. "M-Molly, I know it, er, got a little out of hand but we were just—"

"You were what? Arguing over whose daughter is better? Gill, you know perfectly well that all four of us are biased."

"Julius, it doesn't really make a difference anyway. Besides, the girls certainly don't care about it one way or the other," Candace added, mirroring Molly's stance with a small frown.

"I—ah, Candace, I'm sorry, we—" Julius began with a shaky smile but both women huffed.

"We'll finish this when we get home," both said in unison before turning and disappearing after their daughters into the shop. Julius and Gill stood there for a moment before sending a quick glare in the other's direction. However, as soon as they made eye contact, their expressions softened and they heaved equally large sighs and sat down heavily on the steps of the building.

"I suppose…that was a pretty silly argument, wasn't it…?"


From the front window of his house, Chase watched as the whole spectacle finally resolved itself…sort of. He continued to watch the two forlorn fathers for a few more moments before shaking his head and returning to the kitchen so he could get started on dinner early. "What a bunch of idiot dads…"
unbornhopeunbornhope on November 16th, 2010 10:11 pm (UTC)

I love all of your works, everything feels so natural with it. ;u; The cutest bundle of goodness I've read in awhile.

Love how smoothly you write these sort of things ahh.