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02 March 2011 @ 01:48 pm
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 skit translation  
Took me the two whole freaking hours in Japanese tutoring (skits without voices are harder to translate sob) but I now present to you a skit from Radiant Mythology 3. I got this one in the engine room after the Destiny 2 cast showed up and right before the next story event with the Rebirth cast.

Stahn: Hey, Leon! I was saying that we should have a barbecue together next time! It'll be good for everyone to be together...
Leon: I refuse.
Stahn: Don't say that. We're gonna cook meat and vegetables under the blue sky. Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?!
Leon: Hmph. Pointless. The food you cook now will be just as good in the cafeteria. Besides, I'm busy. You guys go play...
Rutee: Oh yeah~ That's right. You're so picky so a barbecue would be boring for you, huh?
Leon: Hey, wait. Since when am I picky?
Rutee: Oh, am I wrong? I thought that you never ate green peppers or carrots.
Leon: Don't say such idiotic things! I'm not a child!
Rutee: Is that so? Don't you think it's rare for an adult to be so uncooperative?
Leon: *fumefume*
Stahn: Hey, hey, it's fine. Everyone can just eat together peacefully. Right?
Leon: Hey, I said I wasn't joining you guys!
Rutee: What, are you running away?
Leon: Who said I was running away?!?