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♥ Writing/Graphic community for phantasiagirl ♥
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Why hello there! Whether on accident, on purpose, or accidentally on purpose, you've stumbled upon the writing, graphics, and scanlation journal of phantasiagirl. For the most part you'll only find fanfictions, since my graphics and Japanese levels are still quite pitiful. :(
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I'm into a number of different fandoms. About 95% of them are animanga or videogames, which is what you'll find in this community. Right now, my current obsessions fandoms are Axis Powers Hetalia, Soul Eater, Tales of Symphonia/Destiny, Code Geass, Ace Attorney, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Persona, and Avalon Code. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view) there will probably be a lot of OCs and CanonxOC pairings in this community, though I'll post a warning in the entry.
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Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy your stay! ♥
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"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are,
what you are, what you believe, shine
through every sentence you write, every
piece you finish."
-John Jakes